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Would you like exposure to thousands of bankers and finance professionals?  Preferred Vendors of InsideBanking are contributors to our site and groups. We profile their services, give them a preferred placement or possibly post an advertisement at no charge. We are constantly seeking interesting articles about the banking and finance industries. A Preferred Vendor might submit interesting blog articles or write one of our sections. We request that Preferred Vendors post a link to with a brief description of our site:  

Preferred Members Page
Blue Chip
Preferred Member Logo  is a resource for bankers and finance professionals to share education, knowledge and experience. InsideBanking aggregates various tools and resources useful to anyone involved in commercial credit. While the site is focused on the commercial lender, it is also helpful for bankers and commercial finance professionals who wish to access a number of our resources and vendors who wish to target a specific banking or finance market. 

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InsideBanking values its members and partners, and the greater our membership, the more useful and timely our information and tools become to everyone involved.  If you find value in our site, we invite you to not only take advantage of the resources we provide, but we encourage you to help expand our network of professionals and colleagues.  One of the best ways to do this is to post this link on your professional and social networking sites and to tell your family, friends, colleagues, and other acquaintances about InsideBanking.  Margaret Meade is quoted as saying "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has."  We encourage you to grow with us as we become one of the most relevant professional resources for the legal, lending and networking community. 

Monthly Activity

As a Preferred Vendor, you get exposure to thousands of bankers and financial professionals each month. We have seen solid growth in unique visitors each week as more professionals learn about Our articles and blogs have a long shelf life and provide tools that finance professionals revisit for practical and useful information.  


In  three years our LinkedIn Group, Inside Banking - Lending Group has grown to over 9,531 members (11-08-15), at a rate far exceeding many other finance-related LinkedIn groups. Thousands of bankers visit our group every month. 

Inside Banking Lending Group Activity

LinkedIn - Inside Banking Lending Group Statistics, Jan.16, 2015

We have also started two subgroups. We share career related articles and recruitment tips in Inside Banking - Careers for the employer and the employee. Inside Banking - Risk Management has information on the latest internet security concerns, banking scams and financial schemes. 

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